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What To Do Now With Your Personal Injury Claim.

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What to do immediately – Car Crash

  • Call 911
  • Do not move cars unless impeding traffic
  • If able, take photos of the scene and vehicle
  • Check to see if there are witnesses and get witness phone name and phone numbers.
  • Move car to safe place
  • Ask police to send ambulance
  • Make sure police write a report and get the report number.
  • If you don’t go to the hospital in an ambulance, make sure to go to the emergency room or urgent care immediately.
  • Do not 
  • Never talk to an insurance company without talking to your lawyer first. 

What to do immediately – Fall on property

  • Report to manager, employee, supervisor, or property owner
  • Take photos of the scene and what you fell on. 
  • Get any witness name and phone number
  • Call an ambulance if needed.
  • Do not sign any waivers
  • Make sure all medical providers know where you fell and what you fell on. 

What to do Immediately – Work place injury

  • Report to your supervisor or human resources
  • Ask your supervisor or human resources to send you to a medical provider