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Product Liabilities

Products that we purchase need to be safe for regular use. As a consumers of products we expect them to be free from defects that cause injury. But, there are dangers lurking behind defective products, especially when you purchase a product for normal use.

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When the products you use in our homes, vehicles, or daily life cause injury, you may have a claim against the manufacturer, distributor, or seller of the product for the injuries you sustained.  

Sometimes, it’s the job of a government agency to regulate products before they go to marketplace.  At times, those organizations may issue a recall of the product, notifying a consumer it is not safe.  Most notably is the Food and Drug Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or the Consumer Products Safety Commission.  When a product causes a potential threat, manufacturers have a duty to warn consumer against those harms.  If a product causes a harm, these government entitles may be required to institute an investigation.  This could be a tipping point in determining if you have a potential claim.

You need an experienced attorney to walk you through the multiple concerns you face when making a claim against a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of a product that you purchased.  The experienced attorneys at Siegel Injury Law are uniquely qualified to assist in your claims, helping you navigate the maze of your personal injury case.