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Anthony Tate

Julie Siegel did not back down she the BEST and I came out GREAT THANKS Julie Siegel for everything.

Shelby Rosi

I hired Julie in December 2018, and from the moment my case started, Julie laid out all the details of everything I needed to know before my case started, she always kept me informed and was able to help me with a battle that I knew was not going to be easy. In the end […]

Patricia Murray

Julie is one of the most thorough and professional attorneys I have met in a long time. She is totally dedicated to her clients and will work hard for you. She handled my oetsonal Injury case with swiftness a d would not let the insurance company get away with giving me pennies for my injuries, […]

Stacey Garner

Sigel Injury Law, LLC worked on our case for 2 years and was able to get us more than I ever thought we would receive. Ms. Sigel personally updated us on our case at least monthly and she would also check on the status of injuries, progress of our treatments and if we were feeling […]


I was hurt 12/07/17 do to the negligence and mistake of someone else. I had called all the well known attorney’s on tv and no one would take the case. I called Julie Siegel and she immediately assured me that she’d be able to help. Julie took on a world wide, global company head on […]